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HG-150 IO Safety During Tooling Changeover

For Addition customers, one of the most important issues during product production is safety. A problem that customers were facing was the cumbersome weight of tools during production, making projects more time-consuming and increasing safety hazards during production.

On the HG-150 IO, tools are securely stored on a rack system that holds up to 10 Finger/OD Jaw sets. The HG150-IDOD control system links the Tool Change System and uses the Tooling Identification System to store the tools in programmed storage slots and retrieves the proper tooling set for a chosen operation. Once the operator recalls a saved sizing program the machine retrieves and installs the operation, all without the operator having to replace a single tool. The overhead gantry system uses electric servos to provide precise control and positioning for tooling retrieval, installation and storage. To create a safer workplace, the automated cell is designed with perimeter guarding, interlocked gating and safety scanners.

The new carousel pick-and-place system uses an overhead gantry to change the tooling thus eliminating all manual handling. The tubing produced is made safely and efficiently, with the HG-150 IO doing the heavy lifting in place of the operator replacing the tooling him or herself. The tooling changeover for the new system is approximately 90 seconds.

Additionally, the HG-150 IO has been built with AddisonMckee’s patent-pending Hydra-GREEN technology with a hydraulic power pack and control circuit to improve safety and reduce electrical power consumption, operating sound level, and hydraulic oil usage. The finished product is one that works efficiently, both from the operator’s standpoint and for the world’s ecological viewpoint, and safely, Additioneers taking in consumers’ needs and responding from all angles.

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