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Our Brands

Addition is the combination of multiple companies, which are all rooted in a shared heritage of

AddisonMckee, Eaton Leonard, and Eagle Precision Technologies

. We are proud of our decades of experience and we are proud to collectively have the largest installed base of tube manipulation equipment in the world spanning more than 60 countries. Only by merging our previous companies and capabilities can we achieve a sustained and seamless impact. We are able to draw on the full breadth of our strengths and presence around the world to serve the full breadth of customer needs wherever they do business. We've united our shared "DNA" at our core and, together, we are more than the sum of our parts. We are turning the strength of our history into the power of our future. Whichever brand you were formerly acquainted with, you will find the same experience and innovation with Addition Manufacturing Technologies.
Addison Machine Tools Ltd was founded in the United Kingdom in 1956 by Eddie Addison and started producing tube bending machines in 1958. McKee Machine Tool Company, formerly SEMCO, was founded as a machine shop in 1972 by Ralph McKee in Wilmington, Ohio (USA). As both companies shared a common focus on the tube manipulation industry, and complimentary products, the two joined together as sales agents for each other. The two formerly came together under the same ownership, and same name, AddisonMckee, in 1998. Today, the AddisonMckee brand continues to provide innovative equipment and tooling solutions for CNC tube bending and endforming.
Eaton Leonard was founded in 1973 in Santa Ana, California, by Homer Eaton and Leonard Zerlaut. At this time, the company introduced the first tube measuring system to the tube manipulation industry. Over the years,

Eaton Leonard

became an industry leader in the areas of tube bending and measuring, and expanded its measuring business to include designing and manufacturing tube checking gauges at its subsidiary, Tube Fixture, in Cologne, France. In September 2013, Eaton Leonard merged with AddisonMckee bringing together the ingenuity, creativity, and global scale of both companies and its employees to better serve the combined customer base.

Eagle Precision Technologies was started by George Usher and Don Wilkins in 1958 and grew into a global market leader in the tube manipulation industry. In the 1970’s, Eagle expanded its business model to enter into silencer making. In 1982 Eagle purchased one of the global leaders in silencer making equipment, the United Kingdom-based Moon Brothers, eventually changing the name to Eagle Precision UK. In 2009, Eagle merged with AddisonMckee, consolidating their bending and endforming technologies. Today, the Eagle brand name continues to be synonymous with the design and manufacture of the highest quality muffler-related products.


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  • Eddie Addison
    • 1956: Addison Tool Company is founded in London, United Kingdom by Eddie Addison.
    • 1967: The Moon Brothers manufactured the first muffler machine, the SZ, in the United Kingdom.
    • 1973: Eaton Leonard founded in Santa Ana by Homer Eaton & Leonard Zerlaut.
    • 1975: Eagle Canada starts producing muffler machines
    • 1981: McKee Machine Tool Company is founded by Ralph E. McKee in Wilmington, Ohio.
    • 1982: Addison Tool Company opens new plant in Preston, UK.
    • 1985: Eagle purchases Moon Brothers, a muffler manufacturer.
    • 1995: Eaton Leonard purchases Clark & Lewis, renamed to C&L Tooling.
    • 1997: Eagle Precision purchases Eaton Leonard.
    • 1998: Mckee Machine Tool Company is acquired by B. Elliot & AddisonMckee is formed.
  • Addition Lebanon Ohio location picture
    • 2006: AddisonMckee relocates to facility in Lebanon, Ohio. China and Canada facilities formed.
    • 2008: AddisonMckee merges with Eagle Precision Technologies.
    • 2009: AddisonMckee is acquired by Albion Investors.
    • 2013: AddisonMckee and Eaton Leonard merge.
    • 2015: AddisonMckee and Eaton Leonard and Eagle become one under Addition Manufacturing Technologies.

Global Reach

With over 180,000 square-feet of manufacturing space, more than 300 employees, and seven locations around the world, we are able to do business wherever you do business.
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